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Free Dave! (example)

Free Dave! (example)

Dave's not here, man... we're not sure why exactly, but he's gone - and we want him back! So we're campaigning... Sincerely, Jim & Lou

Event: 'Free Dave!' t-shirt-wear-a-thon

Host: Free Dave! (example)

Start: 16th of October 2009, 10:00 AM

End: 31st of December 2012, 11:00 PM

Wear your t-shirts with any of the letters found in 'FREE DAVE!' & we will spell out 'Free Dave!' as many times as we can!

Location: London

Street: TBD

City: London

Country: United Kingdom

Cost: £ 0.00


1 Define Your Issue Final H 264 800Kbps Streaming

2 Gather Your Evidence Final H 264 800Kbps Streaming

3 Find Useful Allies Final H 264 800Kbps Streaming

4 Know Who to Lobby Final H 264 800Kbps Streaming

5 Use a Range of Tactics Final H 264 800Kbps Streaming

Free Dave! is just an example...

And does not refer to any particular 'Dave' who may or may not be free.
We just wanted to show you what Louder could do, so we made a page that would use the tools that you campaign could use in the future.
Get Louder!

Free Dave!

We, the undersigned,
Believe that, wherever Dave is, he shouldn't be there; he should be back here with his mates at the pub cause we haven't won the quiz since he's been gone... except that one time...

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