By now, we must have already understood the down sides of deforestation. It hastens global warming and it also makes the world prone to flooding. Sadly, there are still a lot of governments around the world that allow logging companies to continue their operation even if they know it could be devastating to the environment.

2017 is another year when all of these things can change. Will it finally be the year when we will all wake up to the negative effects of deforestation and do something to change the status quo?

The truth is that it is both a yes and a no.

On the one hand, we have to be hopeful as the Paris Climate Accord has already been signed by hundreds of countries, even a superpower like China. They have contributed in a massive way to the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. With this climate accord, countries will find ways to reduce their carbon emission. It means that aside from reducing coal mining and opening more factories, they will also help conserve the forest. They know that deforestation can lead to the increase of carbon dioxide by up to 12%. With this agreement, several countries will work to reduce emission.

On the other hand, we have also seen the rise of populist leaders like Donald Trump of the United States. As early as now, he has already said that he would pull the plug out of the Paris deal. It means that the United States will not cooperate in the international efforts to reduce carbon. This means that its allies could also follow. It will also discourage other countries from joining. Why would they suffer if US, being one of the biggest carbon emitters in the world, won’t even cooperate?

It could be a very challenging year for reforestation efforts. There are a lot of government leaders who are yet to do something to put an end to this problem. As of now, we can only hope that the Paris climate agreement could be a tool to finally effect change.

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mowing-the-grass-1438159_640You think that you are using the right lawn mower as you have been using it for a long time. In fact, this is where the problem lies. There were several old lawn mower models that function above 1,600 watts. According to the new laws introduced by the European Union, it is no longer legal to use lawn mowers that are beyond 1,600 watts. It means pretty much all lawn mowers that were purchased prior to this ban are no longer legal.

The main reason behind this move is to allow the EU to lead in the war on carbon emissions. After automobiles, the Union is now gunning after non-road machines and this includes lawn mowers. They have also targeted vacuum cleaners and chainsaws.

Obviously, EU will not enforce this right away and it will still go through a tough debate among member countries that will enforce it. You will also be given time to abide by the new law, so you can still keep on using the lawn mower for a while.

There was also news that manufacturers of these lawn mowers would rather leave EU and invest elsewhere instead of abiding by the regulation. However, this might just be an immediate reaction of rage. Considering how big EU is as a market and how gardening is beyond just an ordinary activity among Europeans, their plans to leave might not materialize.

Just follow the law

It seems difficult to accept all these changes, especially if it involves sacrifice on your part. However, you also need to consider how these machines could affect the world. Climate change is real and studies after studies have revealed that if we don’t act now, it could really damage the world permanently.

You should just invest on a new riding lawn mower which is legal under the new laws to be implemented. Rest assured, there are manufacturers that have come up with newer products, with the same quality and level of performance. You can easily find one that fits your needs and go on moving your lawn without any problem at all.

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pokemenThe Syrian civil war that started five years ago has become one of the deadliest conflicts of this century. More than 250,000 people have been killed in the conflicts in addition to over half of the nation’s population being displaced from their homes. The Arab Spring in 2011 toppled the Tunisian and Egyptian presidents leading to some popularity among the Syrian youth for the Arab Spring movement. The Syrian government responded by killing the demonstrators and imprisoning several as well. This led to the formation of the Free Syrian Army group whose aim is to overthrow the government. Civil life has been disrupted in a major way with Syria sliding into a civil war.

syriyaWith reports pouring in daily of bomb explosion and deaths caused due to the war, plenty of casualties include young children. The first world countries are more concerned about the immigrating refugees rather than providing a helping hand in their times of need. A recent photograph of a young boy holding a picture of a Pokémon character is being used by the Revolution Forces of Syria to raise awareness among the citizens f the world to the plight of these desperate children. These children have been spending their childhood for the past five years in war-torn Syria with no respite in the near future.

The Revolution Forces of Syria or RFS has been attempting to raise awareness and draw attention to the Syrian children’s’ plight. RFs decided to take the popularity of the game Pokémon Go to put a spotlight on the plight of these children and make a connection with the people to make them willing to help more. These children are growing up with food shortages, airstrikes and death all around them. The world needs takes notice that the entire next generation of Syria is in extreme danger. They need every possible help they can get in the name of humanity and compassion.

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black-womenInjustice to the black community always has been an issue of great concern for all social activists. Although there have been many groups working for the uplift of this community, most of them have been targeted by the male population. Very few issues faced by black girls and women have gained the attention of the public. They have been suffering for a long time and still are going unnoticed.

pandoraThe discrimination and harassment start at a very early age for black girls. Being separated for naturally belongs to the Black community, these girls have to face a struggle to achieve anything at all. Even in schools, whatever the reason, black girls are always targeted. They are branded as troublemakers just because of their status in society.

There is no end to the list of atrocities they have to deal with and suffer. From racial discrimination to sexual harassment, these girls have to get through each and every stage of their lives in distress. It does not end when they grow into adults. In fact, sexual violence increases as girls attain puberty. These facts are very alarming.

A few groups have emerged to fight against the injustice meted to black women. Let’s all work together to free them and give them a life they now dream about.