In case you are wondering if oral care products can be recycled, the simple answer is yes. The process might be a bit long and complicated, but it can be done. The first thing you need to think of is what you will do with the item once you decide to have it recycled.

Let’ start with toothbrushes. They are generally recommended to be used only for 3 months. After the given time, even if they still work, you have to throw them away. If you think the toothbrush is still useful, the best thing to do is to use it as a cleaning brush. You can clean tiled floors, sink or other surface using the toothbrush. This is perhaps the easiest way to have it recycled have it recycled.

Toothpaste tubes, on the other hand, are a bit tricky. You might want to recycle the tubes, but the moment you realise there is still residue, you might decide to throw it away. The truth is that you just need to take the residue out. Squeeze the remaining toothpaste since you can still use it. If you think you have already used up the content, cut the top portion of the tube and clean the insides of the body.

The tube can be used in many ways. You can use it as a container. You may also call local recyclers and sell them. Take note that most of these tubes were made from aluminium or plastic composite. There are companies that are willing to pay for these tubes if you decide to sell them off.

It is advised that you call the local recyclers first before you bring the tubes to them. Some of them might not buy the tubes. If they do, there are drop-off locations where you can leave these tubes. These companies will convert the tubes into something else. Usually, the recycled materials become pellets to be used for new products. They also do the same thing for other products like mouthwash containers and dental floss packaging.

Take-back program

Before buying your toothpaste, check if the brand has a take-back program. There are companies willing to do this in order to step up their recycling efforts. If you buy their tubes and you return the tubes after emptying them, you will get a refund or discount on your next buy. Others don’t give a refund, but at least you know that you can just return the tubes to them for recycling instead of throwing them away. These companies have a process of reusing the tubes without sacrificing hygiene during the process.

Do your share

How many times have you recycled toothpaste tubes in the past? Perhaps, you will say never. Usually, we don’t think that these tubes are recyclable. Once the toothpaste is used up, we just throw the tubes away. Since they made from aluminium or plastic, they don’t decompose. If they do, it would take a very long time. As a result, they end up in the landfill. Others go to the open waters. They could damage the environment even more.

This is why even if it seems like a laborious task to empty the tubes, you have to do it so they can be reused. Don’t think that others are not doing the same thing. Just be responsible for your waste. If everyone becomes lazy in recycling just because they think no one else is doing it, nothing will happen.

Starting now, you should first check if the brand you are supporting has policies related to recycling. You should also check if they use the right materials as toothpaste tubes. Of course, the quality of the toothpaste should not be sacrificed. You should still stick with trusted brands. You should also check out the best denture cream if you need one.

You might not be able to adjust with this entire process at first. You are used to the idea of throwing away the tubes after using them. However, you need to think of their impact on the environment if they are not properly disposed or recycled. We have already done a lot of damage to the environment. The least that we can do is to start changing our ways and be more concerned about our actions and their impact on the environment.

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For a very long time, men have used disposable razors to remove facial hair. However, studies have revealed that these razors are among the biggest contributors to the growing waste disposal problem. The parts of a razor are disposable but non-biodegradable. They are mostly made from plastic.

This only means that if thrown away, they don’t decompose. In the US alone, around 2 billion razors are disposed of each year. You can only imagine how damaging it is to the environment. Of course, you can’t stop using razors if you want to stay clean and neat. You just have to look for alternatives. You can use a shaver or a beard trimmer that can be replaced.

It means that if the blades are no longer working or are not sharp enough, you can dispose of the blades only. The rest of the razor can still be used. Even if you only have one for the rest of the year, it is just fine. Imagine how it could impact the landfill. If all men use only one razor throughout the year, it could drastically reduce the number of razors thrown away by up to 90%.

Another option is to use an electric shaver. This might cost more than the manual razor, but at least you can use it for a long time. You can also save money in the long run if you are to compute for all the disposable razors you have used versus and electric shaver. You can just plug the shaver to start using it. Since it is a small device, it won’t cost a lot on your electric bill. Others use batteries and are portable. Again, due to the size, the batteries can last for a long time. Others even have rechargeable batteries inside. It might seem weird at first and it doesn’t seem to cut through. However, over time, you can see the difference. It is effective in trimming your facial hairs.

This is a small change that you can easily do. Our environment has already suffered gravely because of our actions. We will still be the one to reap the bad effects later on if we don’t do anything now.

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social-activismThe first towards being an activist is to know it what it actually means. An activist can be defined in the simplest terms as a person who campaigns to bring about social change. The most wonderful part of being a human being is the ability to change things around us that we find disagreeable to our health or can cause harms to other human beings or even nature. Bringing about awareness towards your cause is one way of becoming an activist and supporting the cause that you believe in. Some activists tend to take the extreme path in displaying their dedication to the cause, but the one thing that is common among all activists regardless of cause is the passion that drives them. They truly believe that they can bring about a change for the better of the world.

social-webSome tips have been outlined below on how to become involved in a cause that you believe in:
Educate Yourself
Be aware of the cause that you are supporting. Educate yourself on every angle about it through reading articles, watching documentaries, listening to podcasts and so on. Every little nugget of information can help further your cause and help you to educate others also in the process.

Harness the Power of Social Media
Social media has proved itself to be a very useful tool in uniting the masses towards a common goal. You can use it to make connections with like-minded people and organizations and find different ways to volunteer to further your cause.

Get Creative and Have Fun
Believing in a cause does not mean that it has to be boring activities. You can use your talents like art, music or even cooking to make the public aware of the cause you are supporting. It will make it more appealing to the public as well and help you let your down once in a while as well.

At the end of the day every single bit can make a difference, so keep supporting your cause and continue persevering to make the world a better place.

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betterDo you feel strongly that you need to bring about some change to the society? Do you feel restless when you see injustice happening to others? Have you felt that it is part of your duty to help others who are less fortunate? If the answers are yes, then you are emerging as a social activist. Now the next question will be how to get started as a determined defender. Let’s look at a few tips you will need when you are planning to go out for social work.

better-place1Communication skills
To be able to work actively for a good cause in society, you should be able to communicate your ideas and thoughts well. People should understand what you are saying and comprehend your meaning. There should be a good level of understanding among everyone. It is a good idea to attend training classes in communication. Though it may seem unnecessary, such classes will help you to get tips on how to communicate effectively.

A good cause
You should have an objective. Find which cause you are going to work on. You should not just go into society and start initiatives for many projects to help the needy. When you start, first determine a good cause. It may be to provide study materials to needy students or provide shelter for homeless kids etc. However small your objective may feel, try starting with only that one cause. Work hard for that cause and earn the trust of the society.

One successful project is always much better than many unfinished projects. Find what you can do to help the society in the best way possible. Do not try to start meaningless initiatives which you lose interest in after some time.

Remember that people, emotions and their lives are involved in whatever you start. Never give people hope and snatch it away from them.