For a very long time, men have used disposable razors to remove facial hair. However, studies have revealed that these razors are among the biggest contributors to the growing waste disposal problem. The parts of a razor are disposable but non-biodegradable. They are mostly made from plastic.

This only means that if thrown away, they don’t decompose. In the US alone, around 2 billion razors are disposed of each year. You can only imagine how damaging it is to the environment. Of course, you can’t stop using razors if you want to stay clean and neat. You just have to look for alternatives. You can use a shaver or a beard trimmer that can be replaced.

It means that if the blades are no longer working or are not sharp enough, you can dispose of the blades only. The rest of the razor can still be used. Even if you only have one for the rest of the year, it is just fine. Imagine how it could impact the landfill. If all men use only one razor throughout the year, it could drastically reduce the number of razors thrown away by up to 90%.

Another option is to use an electric shaver. This might cost more than the manual razor, but at least you can use it for a long time. You can also save money in the long run if you are to compute for all the disposable razors you have used versus and electric shaver. You can just plug the shaver to start using it. Since it is a small device, it won’t cost a lot on your electric bill. Others use batteries and are portable. Again, due to the size, the batteries can last for a long time. Others even have rechargeable batteries inside. It might seem weird at first and it doesn’t seem to cut through. However, over time, you can see the difference. It is effective in trimming your facial hairs.

This is a small change that you can easily do. Our environment has already suffered gravely because of our actions. We will still be the one to reap the bad effects later on if we don’t do anything now.

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