pokemenThe Syrian civil war that started five years ago has become one of the deadliest conflicts of this century. More than 250,000 people have been killed in the conflicts in addition to over half of the nation’s population being displaced from their homes. The Arab Spring in 2011 toppled the Tunisian and Egyptian presidents leading to some popularity among the Syrian youth for the Arab Spring movement. The Syrian government responded by killing the demonstrators and imprisoning several as well. This led to the formation of the Free Syrian Army group whose aim is to overthrow the government. Civil life has been disrupted in a major way with Syria sliding into a civil war.

syriyaWith reports pouring in daily of bomb explosion and deaths caused due to the war, plenty of casualties include young children. The first world countries are more concerned about the immigrating refugees rather than providing a helping hand in their times of need. A recent photograph of a young boy holding a picture of a Pokémon character is being used by the Revolution Forces of Syria to raise awareness among the citizens f the world to the plight of these desperate children. These children have been spending their childhood for the past five years in war-torn Syria with no respite in the near future.

The Revolution Forces of Syria or RFS has been attempting to raise awareness and draw attention to the Syrian children’s’ plight. RFs decided to take the popularity of the game Pokémon Go to put a spotlight on the plight of these children and make a connection with the people to make them willing to help more. These children are growing up with food shortages, airstrikes and death all around them. The world needs takes notice that the entire next generation of Syria is in extreme danger. They need every possible help they can get in the name of humanity and compassion.

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