roywilkinsThe name Roy Wilkins will be familiar to most of you. His name will always be associated with great respect and admiration. He was a dynamic person who fought for civil rights. An important figure in NAACP, Wilkins has always been and is still an inspiration to many social activists. Take a look at the inspirational life Wilkins has left behind.

A life spent for society

Born in Missouri, Wilkins lost his mother at an early age of 4. He was brought up by an aunt who took care of him and his siblings too. He studied journalism and took up many jobs from editor to journalist. He also became a strong social activist who was in a fight against racism. He also worked hard for justice to labourers who were toiling away in labour camps. His reports for them have won them many rights which would have been denied if it wasn’t or Wilkins.

wilkins-roy-imageRoy was a strong advocate for the black community living in America. He advised them to take up US citizenship. He was instrumental in helping them achieve equality in Society.

Roy Wilkins was indeed a great leader who worked continuously for the benefit of the weaker groups in society. He dreamt of an equal world and did his best to achieve this. It was a shock to all his followers when he passed away in 1981 due to a kidney failure. His contribution to this world is indeed memorable.