masalaWhen you are determined to gain something, nothing at all can stop you. In spite of a hundred of hurdles and obstacles, you will achieve what you desire when you set your mind honestly towards this cause. This is exactly what Malala Yousafzai has shown the world. At a young age of only 17years, this Pakistani girl won the Nobel Peace prize just because she dared to stand up and speak for her right to education.

A short look into the life of Malala

Born in Pakistan, Malala lives in a place called Mingora, which was a great spot for tourists. However, their happiness turned into a tragedy as Taliban forces took over the town. Girls were denied a right to study and go to school. Malala used to attend a school that belonged to her father. She made a public speech in 2008 September asking why the Taliban was taking away the girls ‘right to education. This provoked the Taliban and eventually they raised a threat to her life. Hoping that Taliban wouldn’t hurt her as she was a kid, she continued going to school. She also started blogging for BBC regarding her right to education.

malala-yousafzaiThough she did this with an undercover name, ultimately she was exposed. However one fatal day, she was brutally shot in the school bus. She was given expert treatment in Pakistan as well as in London. On her return, she did not give up her activities. She peacefully continued speaking for her rights. Not only did she speak for herself, but she also spoke for all the girls in Pakistan who were subject to the pressures from Taliban.

Impressed with her bravery and efforts, many awards have reached her. For Taliban, Malala is always a threat. It is surely not an easy task for a young girl like her to stand against Taliban. However, at such a young age, she has understood the value of a good education. She has also written an autobiography in which we can read the actual struggles she had to undergo, the pressure her family had to face, her dreams and aspirations.

We should be proud to know such a brave girl like Malala. Let’s hope she sees the light at the end of her long lasting struggle.

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